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Best study environment

Everyone has to find their best studying environment, whether that’s a library, park, Starbucks, etc. is an individual choice. However, I find I study best at home. I like to set the environment up around me to be relaxing, calm and comfortable. Sometimes this works to my disadvantage and I end up getting too comfortable and wanting to take a nap, or distracted because of course everything else I want to do is in my home. I take frequent breaks. BUT I always get things done.

I like to light a candle, put some music on Pandora or iTunes, and drink tea. 🙂

Happy studying!


Life after school (kind of)

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So this is it. I haven’t “graduated” but I’ve been out of class since the end of July. Summer was pretty nice. Although it was unseasonably cool it was a very different feeling, thinking about how I don’t have to go back to school in the fall.

You may wonder what I’ve been doing. Other than eating all the delicious food I make with Colin on our cooking blog.

Well, I’ve been keeping busy. Aside from not exercising the way that I planned to and spending lots of what I like to call lazy-time hanging about with Colin and reading, lounging in the sun and being obsessed with youtube videos and other things ( *cough* Sons of anarchy *cough*) I have recently gotten a job. It’s basically part-time and my first venture into retail. Just something to pass the time and make some money. I feel a little bit grown-up.