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Time Zones

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Time zones are funny. I don’t really understand why I haven’t adjusted… Or maybe it’s because I am sleeping in so late now that I am not tired at 1 in the morning anymore. I have been procrastinating and not paying attention to my READING that I need to do for school, so I’m planning on not watching almost an entire television season tomorrow and getting stuff done instead.

Lessons about Florida:

1. You do not need to wear tights during the day. (Maybe not even at night)

2. Rabbits live in used car lots.

3. Even though there are big pipes sticking out the ground it does not mean that there are necessarily alligators waiting to get you. Don’t be so jumpy.

4. Sometimes there is no crosswalk. Sometimes it will just never turn for you. And u-turns seem to be legal everywhere.


Neil Gaiman! *yay*

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Hello everyone!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite authors in person, interviewed by a local author and preceded by a wonderful ukulele artist who sang about the Lincoln assassination and wanting to have Stephen Fry’s baby.

Neil was wonderfully witty, charming and self-deprecating in person, just as I had imagined him. He told us stories about his childhood, read two pieces in his amazing reading voice, and overall won the entire crowd over. (Though I feel like I should have watched Dr. Who before going to the event.)

I have read the book his tour is currently promoting, American Gods, but it was 8-ish years ago and I don’t remember much. As soon as I finish Moonrise I’m going to read my *autographed anniversary edition* of American Gods. So excited.

My collection of signed books now includes American Gods (from Neil Gaiman), Live for a Living (personalized signature from the wonderful and talented Buddy Wakefield), and a few children’s books I had signed a long time ago that remain at my parent’s house.

Neil Gaiman and Ben Bova are my two favorite authors, and I can’t decide which one I like more. I read more than just sci-fi and fantasy, but these are two authors that specialize in those areas. If you haven’t given them a chance I strongly encourage you to go for it! 🙂   (I love them.)