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Time Zones

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Time zones are funny. I don’t really understand why I haven’t adjusted… Or maybe it’s because I am sleeping in so late now that I am not tired at 1 in the morning anymore. I have been procrastinating and not paying attention to my READING that I need to do for school, so I’m planning on not watching almost an entire television season tomorrow and getting stuff done instead.

Lessons about Florida:

1. You do not need to wear tights during the day. (Maybe not even at night)

2. Rabbits live in used car lots.

3. Even though there are big pipes sticking out the ground it does not mean that there are necessarily alligators waiting to get you. Don’t be so jumpy.

4. Sometimes there is no crosswalk. Sometimes it will just never turn for you. And u-turns seem to be legal everywhere.



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Hi everyone,

This quarter I don’t have any “finals”, but I do have three projects. Let me just say this to start: With a project, procrastination is YOUR ENEMY. As if there was only one.

Anyway, I’ve known about these project for some time, but everything goes quicker than you’ve originally thought it would, especially near the end of the quarter. My only consolation is that I have plans to complete all the work, though as of now each project is in a different state of completion. Two of these projects are group projects, and the third one is focused around my current internship and creating a writing portfolio for use in the future. ┬áHere are some things I do to procrastinate:

1. Watch youtube videos
2. Blog
3. Go on Facebook
4. Twitter
5. Read unrelated/non-school books
6. Eat
7. Watch TV
8. Check the mail

Now, I know that list may not have been helpful to you, but here’s my advice: Let yourself do these things. If you are studying for a test, take a break. One an hour, for ten minutes, really helps me get back on track when I return to studying. If you’re studying for more than 9 hours you may have to come up with some more ways to take a break, but honestly give yourself more time per break if you’re cramming that long! Hope this helps you as finals are coming up (or if you’ve finished finals, I’m jealous! Though summer weather has yet to begin around here.)