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Everything is working out fine!

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At least in my mind. Let’s all clap for positivity.

I’m in the last two weeks of my undergraduate program, graduating in the middle-ish of August, and can’t really believe this is all happening. As some of you may know I’m going to move back home after graduation and between graduating and going to grad school. (Too many “grad”s in that sentence.)

Moving is horrible. It just makes me aware of how much stuff I’ve had to buy for living outside of the house and it makes me want to keep it for when I live out of the house in the future. (If I go out of state, though, that’s completely impractical.) I plan on moving a bunch of stuff home next time I go, in order to make the final moving easier, although moving is always stressful.

Onto the good stuff! I’m doing well in my classes. The cooking blog is very fun and I have had a good experience with it so far. I’m also finally succeeding in my newswriting class, proving to myself that English classes have not ruined my ability to be concise and not flowery. I’m finally getting my applications in to grad schools, minus the extra materials that need to be mailed such as transcripts and letters of recommendation (which are in the works now! Getting in touch with people was difficult but I think it’s finally happening.) 🙂

Transcripts are $10 each which I think is way more than they should cost. It’s just PRINTING and SEALING and MAILING. It should be more like $5.  =/

However, my opinions don’t matter and schools are always money-hungry. Who knew applying to grad school was so expensive? *sigh*


Letters of Recommendation

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Hello everyone!

Over the course of the last month or so I have noticed that it’s a lot harder to get in contact with people who seemed to be constantly around/available when school was in session. You may notice that this is because Summer Quarter 2011 has started and many teachers take sabbaticals or purse other things during the summer months when they do not have to be stuck in a musty old office waiting for the occasional student visitor.

What does this mean for me?

I have had very little luck getting letters of recommendation. During the next week or so I am thinking of going to certain professors office hours in order to get them to pay attention to me/notice me, but if that doesn’t work I may be out of luck.

The lesson here is: take advantage of your professors while they are around! They are there to help you. But once they’re no longer there, they are no longer accountable to the school, you, or anyone else. Get those letters early.

Good luck.