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Neil Gaiman! *yay*

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Hello everyone!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite authors in person, interviewed by a local author and preceded by a wonderful ukulele artist who sang about the Lincoln assassination and wanting to have Stephen Fry’s baby.

Neil was wonderfully witty, charming and self-deprecating in person, just as I had imagined him. He told us stories about his childhood, read two pieces in his amazing reading voice, and overall won the entire crowd over. (Though I feel like I should have watched Dr. Who before going to the event.)

I have read the book his tour is currently promoting, American Gods, but it was 8-ish years ago and I don’t remember much. As soon as I finish Moonrise I’m going to read my *autographed anniversary edition* of American Gods. So excited.

My collection of signed books now includes American Gods (from Neil Gaiman), Live for a Living (personalized signature from the wonderful and talented Buddy Wakefield), and a few children’s books I had signed a long time ago that remain at my parent’s house.

Neil Gaiman and Ben Bova are my two favorite authors, and I can’t decide which one I like more. I read more than just sci-fi and fantasy, but these are two authors that specialize in those areas. If you haven’t given them a chance I strongly encourage you to go for it! 🙂   (I love them.)