Life after school (kind of)

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So this is it. I haven’t “graduated” but I’ve been out of class since the end of July. Summer was pretty nice. Although it was unseasonably cool it was a very different feeling, thinking about how I don’t have to go back to school in the fall.

You may wonder what I’ve been doing. Other than eating all the delicious food I make with Colin on our cooking blog.

Well, I’ve been keeping busy. Aside from not exercising the way that I planned to and spending lots of what I like to call lazy-time hanging about with Colin and reading, lounging in the sun and being obsessed with youtube videos and other things ( *cough* Sons of anarchy *cough*) I have recently gotten a job. It’s basically part-time and my first venture into retail. Just something to pass the time and make some money. I feel a little bit grown-up.


Everything is working out fine!

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At least in my mind. Let’s all clap for positivity.

I’m in the last two weeks of my undergraduate program, graduating in the middle-ish of August, and can’t really believe this is all happening. As some of you may know I’m going to move back home after graduation and between graduating and going to grad school. (Too many “grad”s in that sentence.)

Moving is horrible. It just makes me aware of how much stuff I’ve had to buy for living outside of the house and it makes me want to keep it for when I live out of the house in the future. (If I go out of state, though, that’s completely impractical.) I plan on moving a bunch of stuff home next time I go, in order to make the final moving easier, although moving is always stressful.

Onto the good stuff! I’m doing well in my classes. The cooking blog is very fun and I have had a good experience with it so far. I’m also finally succeeding in my newswriting class, proving to myself that English classes have not ruined my ability to be concise and not flowery. I’m finally getting my applications in to grad schools, minus the extra materials that need to be mailed such as transcripts and letters of recommendation (which are in the works now! Getting in touch with people was difficult but I think it’s finally happening.) πŸ™‚

Transcripts are $10 each which I think is way more than they should cost. It’s just PRINTING and SEALING and MAILING. It should be more like $5.Β  =/

However, my opinions don’t matter and schools are always money-hungry. Who knew applying to grad school was so expensive? *sigh*

Neil Gaiman! *yay*

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Hello everyone!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite authors in person, interviewed by a local author and preceded by a wonderful ukulele artist who sang about the Lincoln assassination and wanting to have Stephen Fry’s baby.

Neil was wonderfully witty, charming and self-deprecating in person, just as I had imagined him. He told us stories about his childhood, read two pieces in his amazing reading voice, and overall won the entire crowd over. (Though I feel like I should have watched Dr. Who before going to the event.)

I have read the book his tour is currently promoting, American Gods, but it was 8-ish years ago and I don’t remember much. As soon as I finish Moonrise I’m going to read my *autographed anniversary edition* of American Gods. So excited.

My collection of signed books now includes American Gods (from Neil Gaiman), Live for a Living (personalized signature from the wonderful and talented Buddy Wakefield), and a few children’s books I had signed a long time ago that remain at my parent’s house.

Neil Gaiman and Ben Bova are my two favorite authors, and I can’t decide which one I like more. I read more than just sci-fi and fantasy, but these are two authors that specialize in those areas. If you haven’t given them a chance I strongly encourage you to go for it! πŸ™‚Β Β  (I love them.)

Letters of Recommendation

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Hello everyone!

Over the course of the last month or so I have noticed that it’s a lot harder to get in contact with people who seemed to be constantly around/available when school was in session. You may notice that this is because Summer Quarter 2011 has started and many teachers take sabbaticals or purse other things during the summer months when they do not have to be stuck in a musty old office waiting for the occasional student visitor.

What does this mean for me?

I have had very little luck getting letters of recommendation. During the next week or so I am thinking of going to certain professors office hours in order to get them to pay attention to me/notice me, but if that doesn’t work I may be out of luck.

The lesson here is: take advantage of your professors while they are around! They are there to help you. But once they’re no longer there, they are no longer accountable to the school, you, or anyone else. Get those letters early.

Good luck.

Freewrite Friday #2!

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Today’s topic is “shameless promotion.”

From using social media like Twitter, WordPress blogs (ahem ahem), or Facebook to promote yourself as a beginning author, to promoting your newest works or writings, be shameless about promoting yourself!

Here’s the topic of the day to write on:

Your favorite novel! Write everything you can remember about why it’s your favorite, and why you enjoy it so much. Analyze the tools the author uses to draw you into the book. Is it the characters? The plot? What about that element makes you like it? Now try writing a story emulating these qualities you admire. πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend! If your finals week is ALSO next week, good luck!

Freewrite Friday #1

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Hi everyone!

As a side note to today’s post a library science grad student from Seattle (so from University of Washington, the only program in the state) won Jeopardy on Thursday night and will be back on again tonight, so feel free to tune into that to mentally feed her support. πŸ™‚

The real point of today’s post is to keep/get you writing.

I want you to write about everything that you enjoyed doing today. And if you had a horrible, terrible, no-good day, just write about the best, happiest thing you can think of. Be positive. πŸ™‚

Next week there will be an actual topic!



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Hi everyone,

This quarter I don’t have any “finals”, but I do have three projects. Let me just say this to start: With a project, procrastination is YOUR ENEMY. As if there was only one.

Anyway, I’ve known about these project for some time, but everything goes quicker than you’ve originally thought it would, especially near the end of the quarter. My only consolation is that I have plans to complete all the work, though as of now each project is in a different state of completion. Two of these projects are group projects, and the third one is focused around my current internship and creating a writing portfolio for use in the future. Β Here are some things I do to procrastinate:

1. Watch youtube videos
2. Blog
3. Go on Facebook
4. Twitter
5. Read unrelated/non-school books
6. Eat
7. Watch TV
8. Check the mail

Now, I know that list may not have been helpful to you, but here’s my advice: Let yourself do these things. If you are studying for a test, take a break. One an hour, for ten minutes, really helps me get back on track when I return to studying. If you’re studying for more than 9 hours you may have to come up with some more ways to take a break, but honestly give yourself more time per break if you’re cramming that long! Hope this helps you as finals are coming up (or if you’ve finished finals, I’m jealous! Though summer weather has yet to begin around here.)