Just over a month + 1 week

After a little bit more than a month of library school, I feel qualified to say… this hasn’t been as hard as I expected. After being absent from all forms of schooling for around 5 months, before starting my master’s program, I was thinking that it might be hard to get used to school again. That hasn’t really been the case. The assignments are fun and seem relevant to my future, and the professors seem to care about helping you. (Who am I to say that they DO or DO NOT, I only know about the way I perceive them.)

Adjusting to Florida is still kind of a challenge. I feel like this is a long vacation with class two days a week instead of like this is a place I will be living for quite some time. Maybe that’s why I have trouble getting motivated to do my reading/assignments. Need to get on that. The majority of my smaller assignments each week are due on Sundays by midnight and that is frustrating. I just want to enjoy my weekend. This has caused me to try to get these done earlier in the week, to give myself a chance to relax on the weekend and do most of my work during the week like a normal student.

Good luck in your studies!


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