I’m in! And Mad Men.

I don’t know which school I will end up going to, but I can tell you that I have been accepted to 2 so far. (One of them is in my top 5!) Yes, I did only apply to 9 or 10 schools total, but I was fairly confident that these were the only schools I wanted to actually attend that also started before next fall, which would be too long for me to wait.

I’ve been working a lot lately and I don’t know if my job will transfer with me when I go away to grad school, so I’ve got to get all I can out of it now!

Also, I’ve been obsessed with Mad Men. I know I’m getting on the mad-men-train pretty late, but now I can watch all 4 seasons on Netflix and go right on through without interruption or advertisements. I love 1960s style and the characters are so easy to care about and get attached to. It reminds me of a (and it feels weird to say this!) more modern soap opera. It’s not super dramatic and unbelievable like, say, Young and the Restless, so it’s more interesting to me.

Anyway, that’s all the updating I had to do. See you later!


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